Sunday, February 8, 2015

"Old Haunts" at Specklit, and a Little Blog Housekeeping

"Old Haunts" went up at Specklit on January 23. They're publishing another drabble of mine on Feb. 18, and have been a true pleasure to work with. "Old Haunts" started out as a one-sentence story, but I think the punctuation has much improved it. :-)

In other news, I added a "Follow by Email" option to my blog. It is truly embarrassing how long it took me to figure out that I could do that, but now we're good!

Thanks for reading, everybody!

P.S. I appreciate the recent warm comments, but am having trouble convincing blogger to publish comments of my own. So I'll just say thank you here! Thank you! It always makes me happy to know my work is enjoyed.

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