Friday, February 14, 2014

"Rob Lithim Used to be Two People" at Daily Science Fiction

Today my story, "Rob Lithim Used to be Two People" went out to Daily Science Fiction's e-mail list. (It won't go live on their site for another week, but I'll post a link when it does. Linked!)
This story is one of my personal favorites. I wrote it years ago, during one of those times when I was not really submitting things. I remember revisiting it a few times, though at this point I couldn't say how substantive each of those revisions was.

I intended "Rob Lithim" initially as a sequel to a longer work, possibly full-length, a more conventional quest story involving a group of friends in a world where superpowers are common. But the sequel just interested me so much more than the original story that I hared off and haven't finished the quest story yet--and of course, now we all know how it ends.

This is my second story published by Daily Science Fiction. ("The Left Side of Your Lover's Broken Face" appeared there in May of 2013.) I hope to see many more. Daily Science Fiction is among my favorite markets, both to read and to write for. Their slush process is clean, concise, and reasonably-paced, and that same efficient professionalism has in my experience continued through publication and payment.

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