Sunday, February 2, 2014

W1S1 January- Last Minute Notes

I count my writing weeks Sunday-through-Saturday, since the W1S1 group does their check-in post on Sundays. So, I'm going to go ahead and count February first as part of the fifth week of January (as they do). Since I'm doing weekly goals, I think this is logical, although I did have to consider it. Obviously, when I posted on Friday I had a different opinion. But since I'm counting Saturday with last week, I need to update my stats because...I got two more acceptances yesterday!

Or at least, I'm tentatively counting the second one. The editor accepted a flash piece as a reprint, but it's actually a previously unpublished piece. I wrote back to clarify, and I'm betting that it will be fine.

Happy January, everyone! How do you track your stats? Would you put Feb 1 news with January because of the way the week falls, or do you go strictly by months?


  1. I go with weekly and keep a weekly table of what I have written, subbed, had accepted and rejected. Great that you received two acceptances in a week. I used to be deeply disappointed on receiving rejections, even when they included constructive criticism, but they eventually find a good home.

  2. Awesome progress, Brynn! Congrats on those acceptances. :) This is the first month I've used The Grinder to help me track--I LOVE it. Can't stop going over there to record my progress, makes me giddy. I also have a writing calendar I printed off the computer at the beginning of the year. I like having a print copy, too. Best of luck in Feb.